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Powerball: winning ticket of more than US $ 2 billion was sold in California

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Huge surprise. The winning ticket of the US $ 2,040 million from Powerball, approximately US $ 997 million in cash, was sold in Altadena, California, according to a press release.

«There was a winning ticket in the California lottery!» Says the statement. «The estimated Grand Prix was US $ 2,040 million (US $ 997.6 million in cash).»

The winning numbers of the Powerball for the draw on Monday were published on Tuesday just before 10 am et. The numbers were: 10, 33, 41, 47, 56, and the Powerball number was 10, according to an update of the Powerball website.

«The California lottery makes its first billionaire in history!» A lucky ticket sold at Joe’s Service Center in Altadena hit the 6 numbers of the #POWERBALL draw on November 7.

The main prize already reached the record of US $ 1.9 billion, but grew to US $ 2,040 million before the draw on Monday, said the multi -state lottery association in a statement, «making it the largest lottery prize in the world,» as their organizers intended when they changed the probabilities in 2015.

A Californian is the happy new millionaire.

The announcement of the winning numbers on Tuesday occurred after officials delayed the draw on Monday night, when a participating lottery needed more time to process their sales and game data, added the association in a statement, echoing From a previous statement from the California lottery, which said a lottery needed additional time to complete the necessary security protocols.

The 48 participating lotteries must send their sales and plays before the winning numbers can be selected, the association said on Monday night.

«Powerball has strict security requirements to protect the integrity of the game and remains committed to making a raffle that gives all players a fair opportunity to win,» said the association.

«Like the rest of the United States, Powerball is eager to make its raffle for the worldwide major record,» said the association in a follow -up statement this Tuesday morning before the draw, «however, protect the integrity of the integrity of the integrity of the Draw is of the utmost importance, even if that means a greater delay, ”said the statement on early Tuesday, urging players to keep their tickets.

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